Heather Meyer

Jay Kuchar was recommended to me by a friend. When I called I was greeted warmly and we made plans to meet and get an idea of the scope of our project. Before I had called Jay, we had already been working with a kitchen company in Flushing. I wanted another quote for the kitchen and bathrooms in our new build. My husband and I liked Jay right away. He had a great reputation in the business and he was very knowledgeable. Once we got our quotes from Jay it was obvious that we should choose him over the big box store we had been working with. Jay’s product was better than what we could get in the store and it was well-crafted. Jay’s strengths are in communication, customer service and craftsmanship. He was always prompt with emails, texts and phone calls. He was so great to work with. He always had a solution when there was a question about a project. He provided samples and made sure that we liked the paint before we began the project. He wanted everything to be perfect. He came to our house several times to measure and make sure everything was just right. From drawing up plans to installation, we had a great experience all around. I would choose Jay again if we ever did another project like this!